Our idea

combines the purity of japanese zen cuisine With the complex flavours and techniques of greater asia, providing a modern twist to classical preparations. in traditional style, we do not serve individual appetizers and main courses; all dishes are designed to be shared, and will be brought to the table continuously as soon as they are ready.

An innovative Asian restaurant with bar and lounge in the heart of Vienna

Our passion

is japanese and chinese for love; love for food, love for hospitality and love for great experiences.

Our service staff are happy to advise should you require assistance selecting a menu. welcome to .

“Even though seasons may change, the feeling will remain the same.”

Our highlights


Raindrop (Mizu Shingen Mochi) captures Hallstein’s artesian water. Combined with elderflower and Japanese sugar it’s not only a feast for the eyes, but a delightful and light dessert.

Tempura Prawns

Did you know that Tempura is a classic Portuguese dish that has been popularized by Japan? On our menu you will find excellent variations with prawns, baltic sea cod, lobster and vegetables.

Caramel Balls

Our milk caramel dumplings are served with Styrian apple and chantilly vanilla cream – just one of the highlights on our menu that have been created by our pâtissier Daniele Teuchmann.

Sunday to Thursday
12.00 to 24.00

Friday and Saturday
12.00 to 01.00

Aï Restaurant